It’s Never Too Late – Week 5 – Part 3 – Vhairi


It’s taken me 3 weeks to finish Chapter Five… but I’ve done it and it’s been an interesting process.

The first week brought me low, the second week I was too busy travelling to commit to completing Julia’s exercises,  but this third week… well, it’s been quite inspiring.

I think I started getting a sense of daylight in last week’s post, but going through the memoir part of this week’s programme has been very illuminating.  It covered the ages of 20-25, and I’m sure for most people those are very important years.

In my own life, I feel I started my transformation into an adult during those years.  (Although sometimes I wonder if, even now, I am yet a fully realised adult.  I hope I always keep an element of the child about my outlook to life.)

In those years I completed my nursing qualification, lived in London for a year, got married, moved to another city, started a university degree, lost my dad and had a baby.  Phew – a lot of major life changes in a short period of time. Until I wrote them down, I’m not sure I appreciated how many changes there were.

Sometimes those changes are good, sometimes they’re challenging, and sometimes they bring us temporarily to our knees.  But the reality is that life is constantly changing.  Even the seasons change. As I look out my window I see the leaves starting to fall from the trees, and the weather forecast predicts a flurry of snow on Thursday.  (Nooo – it’s wayyy to early.)

Things change and we cope.  Sometimes it takes us longer to adapt to those changes… but we always – always – do.  We adapt… and usually thrive.

And that’s so reassuring to know, even when life seems at its lowest.

100 worst days



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