It’s Never Too Late – Week 9 – Vhairi


Photo by Arun Thomas from Pexels

One of the things I didn’t quite appreciate when I started Julia’s course a few months back, was just how time intensive it would be.  Morning pages, artist dates, working through the weekly tasks take time and thought. Throw in a holiday and getting a dose of the flu… and time just ran away with me.  I’m shocked to realise it’s now over one month since I finished Week 8.

But it was back to ‘auld claes and porridge’ (as they say in Scotland) this week, and it’s felt really good to be able to sit down regularly with my morning pages and work my way through Chapter Nine.

Julia opens Chapter Nine with the statement: Often, we feel stuck not because we don’t know what to do next but because we do know what to do next – we just don’t feel like doing it.

Isn’t that the truth?

So why don’t we feel like doing things?  Why don’t we follow through?

Is it laziness?

I suspect fear is at the bottom of it.  If I don’t try then I can’t fail.

So the idea that had the biggest impact on me this week was the following paragraph on page 190. Just do the next right thing.  Instead of focusing on the big picture, focus on the small. For most of us it is not too difficult to figure out a small step forward. The next right thing might be very simple: make your bed, do the dishes, take out the trash. Each small step dictates the next small step. For example, making your bed leads to hanging up your clothes, or, if you wish, hanging up your clothes leads to making your bed.

One of the tasks this week was to write down five large actions we dream of taking, and then list a tiny action you could take in the direction of these larger actions.

As Julia says, The smaller the action, the better: baby steps are active steps indeed. 

And the smaller/tinier the step I take, the less likely I am to fail, therefore building my confidence – and perseverance – as I go.

Try it.  It works!

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